Who we are

Natural Bradel produces
high quality phytoextracts since 1993

Natural Bradel is an Italian company that was born in 1993 from the entrepreneurial idea and twenty years’ experience in the pharmaceutical sector of its founders. Today it plays a leading role in nutraceuticals, particularly in the vascular and urological areas. It has constantly been looking for innovative products characterized by high standardization and titration in active ingredients to ensure quality supplements. Furthermore, the validity of the products is ensured by continuous collaborations with the most prestigious research centers of the country.

We work every day
for the health and well-being of people

Our main goal is to make high-value products accessible to people, helping to improve their quality of life. The three main areas of interest are urological, vascular and musculoskeletal, without forgetting the gynecological, gastroenterological, ENT and immunological areas.

A working philosophy
based on unquestionable values

As Aristotle said "In all things of nature there is something wonderful” and with commitment, seriousness and passion it is possible to find it out Commitment, reliability and passion are the values ​​that guide us every day in our choices and in our way of working. Commitment that we put in the search for high quality ingredients in order to create products with proven effectiveness, based on scientific studies. Seriousness with which our scientific vendors relate to the medical class, to ensure proper dissemination of our products. Passion, which is the engine of our work and leads us towards our ambitious goal, to "naturally" treat patient's health.

We support healthcare professionals
with our know-how

We have always been committed to supporting healthcare professionals with innovative products that are standardized with the most modern technologies, starting from the extraction of raw materials up to the entire production process. Natural Bradel was among the first supplements companies to strongly believe in medical-scientific information, bringing supplements with active ingredients such as cranberry and Melilotus officinalis to the medical class, which in subsequent years became commonly used respectively in the urological and vascular fields.